Terrible Accident / Graceful Response : Archival Print M, L-XL


4x5 Polaroid gone wrong or gone right, up to you. Bunch ghost fruit floatin' down a swamp river.

This image is meant to remind me n you that there is some of the greatest value even in the worst experiences and it is up to us to recognize the beautiful qualities gifted to us by our hardest time, especially in the realm of Empathy.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about any of the options, listed or unlisted, if you'd like something specific I'll try to accommodate ya.

You can email me at marencelest@gmail.com or 231-620-2460 if you would like to discuss giclee, print on metal with float mount, framing, a bulk order, a gallery run, or gator board mounting.

Mat-mounted prints can be hung as-is, however, please be aware that they can warp if not framed or properly anchored and the mat board is not always exactly the size of the print.

For exact, ready to hang pieces, see Gatorboard, Foamcore, Framing, Giclee, Stand-out and Metal-Mount options. (Stand out and metal mount are my personal preference).