Hawkmoth in the Morning : Available M - XL


Photographic Archival Print

From 4x5 color film negative. I scan all my own work & meticulously work on it before sending to print.

Taken early in the morning as this striped hawk moth, having just hatched from its cocoon, was trying to dry its wings and warm its body in the sun in order to take its first flight. This is what allowed me time to set up my Graflex large format camera nearby and take a photograph on a 4"x5" negative, compensating for the light loss of the extension of the bellows that gives such macro detail of the wing and fuzzy little body in this image.


You can email me at marencelest@gmail.com or 231-620-2460 if you would like to discuss ready-to-hang-pieces like giclee, print on metal with float mount, framing or gator board mounting. Also if you'd like to discuss a series, gallery run or bulk order.

Any other questions, please feel free to reach out.

**Mat board mounts are meant for framing, but can be hung as is, just understand that the print and mounting material do not always match perfectly in size (tiny white border occurs). Also, the mount can warp if not framed or at least secured at the corners.