Hackney Wick : Available Large


35mm color slide photograph taken on top of a roof, at dusk, with a brand new friend at the time, Hannah Caughlin. She was laughing and swinging the sparkler around and somehow this moment happened, where she looked like a fire-eater.

Glad to take requests for smaller sizes on this, though I recommend it at 12x18.

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Faux mat border can be added to any print and in many cases, looks quite nice.

Your screen may show you a slight variation on actual color, tablet and computer screens vary a little unless professionally calibrated. I recommend viewing larger purchase prints on a computer, as some phones have built-in enhancement that can dramatically alter appearance of actual image.

You can email me at marencelest@gmail.com or 231-620-2460 if you would like to discuss ready-to-hang-pieces like giclee, print on metal with float mount, framing or gator board mounting. Also if you'd like to discuss a series, gallery run or bulk order.

True Matte Archival Fiber Prints orders are printed by me by inquiry.

**Mat board mounts are meant for framing, but can be hung as is, just understand that the print and mounting material do not always match perfectly in size (tiny white border occurs). Also, the mount can warp if not framed or at least secured at the corners.

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